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Remains fully engaged in the client/coach relationship
When a client realizes the added value of having an advisor in their financial coach that they can call on when they are making a financial decision. The coach acts as the second set of ears and eyes to help see the things which are sometimes overlooked in the heat of the moment. Tapping into the resources afforded in this relationship can sometimes help us avoid costly and sometimes very avoidable situations.

Makes their reviews a priority
Like in anything else, ongoing maintenance is vital to your success in the financial arena. We live in an ever changing world. Our situations and circumstances in life are in constant change and we all know that the tax laws are always changing. This can often cause a change in our goals and objectives. It also creates the need of adjustments within our financial strategies. The reviews help to keep us and our financial plan on track. There really are no “Set it and forget it” strategies in a successful plan.

Continues to build upon their financially balanced plan
A well laid foundation a house does not make. In the same way, the plan that you start with for your long term financial success requires that you continue to build and add on essential components. What you need today may remain essential to, but cannot alone be the completion of your plan. As previously stated, we are living in an ever changing world and there are no “Set it and forget it” strategies. The one constant in life is change and your coach can help you continue to build toward your success in the financial arena.

Regularly refers others to Money Matters
There are those who take it to the next level. They understand that we at Money Matters provide a dynamic relationship to our clients. They regularly refer family, friends and acquaintances who also become clients. Just like you, there are others within your family and sphere of influence that can benefit from a relationship with a Financial Coach. You were probably referred to Money Matters. Pay it forward!