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It's Great Being a Hall of Famer: Explanation of Benefits

Receive invites to private “Hall of Fame” events
Hall of Fame Members will, from time to time receive “Private Invites” to exclusive events, professional sporting events, meetings and more as they continue to build their relationship with their coach and refer others to Money Matters.

Subscription to American Lifestyles Magazine
Hall of Fame Members will receive Bi-monthly issues of American Lifestyles, a most enjoyable magazine with articles of travel and other interest along with recipes. Each issues contains and tear out recipe cards to add to your Money Matters Recipe Box.

Preferred Return Calls
While the team at Money Matters strive to have and maintain the industries best returned call record; Hall of Fame Members’ calls are closely monitored by Client Relations team to assure an added expediency to the response.

Preferred Action/task completion
Completion of tasks is job for the Money Matters Administration Team. Hall of Fame Members can rest assured that the team will closely monitor the members work flow of each task for a speedy and accurate outcome.

Quarterly “Check In” Calls
Hall of Fame Members will receive periodic calls from a Client Relations team Member in which they will be checking to see if there are any needs or questions to be conveyed to their coach so that they can be addressed sooner rather than later.

Special prize drawings at special events for all attendees with key tag in possession
When a Hall of Fame Key Clients’ attend special events and bring their key tags with them. Their name will be entered into a special prize drawing at that event.

Annual Hall of Fame Celebration Event
Each year a special celebration event will be held for all Hall of Fames at which new members will be inducted.

Personalized Calls
Hall of Fame Members will receive personalized calls from one of our team members on special dates & events of their lives.

Access Hall of Fame Catalog…
Those Hall of Fame Members who not only understand the value of referring the Money Matters Team to others, but actually do it, will be able to pick specialized gifts from our catalog. Each new referral in a calendar year moves you up to the next level for more valuable gifts.